A once vibrant planet now lies in ruin, choked by the toxic fumes of the cute by dangerous Smogglers. Amid the remnants is Salvage City, the last city and home of the Wanderbots. Players must rally their fellow Wanderbots through thrilling card battles that test wit and strategy. It's time to rebuild the resistance and embark on a bold quest to restore and reclaim Wanderworld.
WANDERBOTS are robot NFTs, battling for a better world. Each one unlocks the gateway to the Wanderbot's adventure. These extraordinary creations embody unique characters ready for gaming, earning, and exploration. Consider each Wandernaut a versatile trading card.
Wanderbot Components
A Wanderbot is made up of 5 components, which determine its personal stats and how rare it is.
Each Wanderbot is distinctively crafted, randomly endowed with a unique blend of components and abilities. This not only infuses every robot with a one-of-a-kind identity but also equips them with a dynamic play style tailored to conquer any obstacle in their path with flair and strategy.
Eco Emblem
Eco emblems grant
Wanderbots special bonuses in Cyberclash battles.
Each Wanderbot's Neuro Boost offers a unique skill advantage in Wanderworld.
Neuro Boost
Rooted deep in Wanderbot culture, Cyberclash is more than just a sport, It's used for resolving conflicts and choosing leaders. It's the backbone of their civilization, embodying the spirit and skills that define a Wanderbot.

Card Rarities
Players equip their Wanderbots with modified upgrade cards, enabling players to sway the tides of combat and secure victory.
A card's rarity determines its abilities and effects.
Will you pummel your opponent or rally the support of your fellow Wanderbots?
How you win determines the rewards you earn.
The journey doesn’t end in the arena. When enough Wanderbots have been rallied, it's time to look beyond the confines of Salvage City and venture into the untamed landscape of Wanderworld.
Start a new society in Wanderworld: Outposts, a sandbox civilization adventure.